Hello dearies! This blog is all about mom stuff. Who the hell am I you say? I’m a wife and mom who’s addicted to antiquing, coffee, cupcakes, diy crafts, cheesy puns, and Pinterest of course. I’m a tattooer turned stay at home mom. I have a husband (Derek) and a little girl (Riley Jean)

I also have another little girl who is currently on the way. Oh yeah we’re also crazy dog people, we have three dogs, (Duke)Jindo (Zelda)Husky (Bjorn)Belgian Malinois.

Derek and Bjorn

My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home, and boy do I have plans.
I have always loved interior design and home decor so it seems natural for me to start a blog about it. At a very young age my mother taught me to appreciate the finer things in life… fine china, French design and high tea. Now that I’m older, my tastes have developed more toward French country at glue gun-point.
Being the daughter of an interior designer I’ve learned many glorious diy hacks, tips, and tricks over the years. Now I finally have a place where I can showcase my personal designs and diy projects (since no one around me, besides my mother seems to appreciate them) I am so excited to share it with all of you.
I hope you all enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!


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